Computer Vision API

Extract game-changing insights from images,
increase your activity and reduce your costs

Powerful Image Analysis driven by Uses

Regaind API gives meaning to photos. We help businesses and developers deal with massive flows of images by using state-of- the-art artificial intelligence to analyze and sort them. Your problem is often not reduced to finding a photo of a « sailboat » or of a « lion »: it’s also about finding the right one for your specific use, among many others. Regaind enables you to understand the content of an image, as well as to assess its technical and aesthetical values, so as to maximize your impact with high quality photos.

Get insight on an image

Get information on the content, zone of interest and aesthetics of any given image. Use that information to boost the most relevant/pleasant photos and to promote them in a smart way.

Face Analysis

Detect faces on the photo, as well as the gender, age and emotion of the people that appear.

Main semantic class and label detection

Understand what the photo is essentially about (portrait, landscape, animal, object…) and get detailed labels on what is depicted: environment, objects, action, emotion (+3500 labels).

Region of interest detection

Detect where the attention goes on the image and generate automatical smart crops that preserve the main subject.

Aesthetical and technical attributes evaluation

Assess the technical quality (exposure, dominant colors, sharpness of main subject) and the aesthetical quality of the image.

Find and use the best shots in a photo gallery

Often, your clients and your employees need more than unit photo analysis. For example, if you are a printing service, your customers have to spend 3 hours to select 100 photos out of the 1000 they took during their holidays, before they can buy a photobook. Save them hours of manual editing by sending Regaind API a whole set of photos, and let them keep the fun part.

Automatically deduplicate a set of photos

Keep only one photo in each burst of similar pictures taken.

Cluster your photos according to temporal, spacial and visual similary

Have your photos organized in coherent groups, depending on their proximity in time, space and content.

Build photo products

Regaind API knows what's on the photo, where to look on the image, and how good the picture is. By assembling these results, Regaind can build photo books and other photo products automatically.

Identify unwanted photos (memos, failed images)

Smartphones and cameras are used in various ways.

Summarize an event in any quantity of photos

For a given set of photos, Regaind can pinpoint the most beautiful ones or select the photos that summarize the collection and tell the story of the event represented.

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